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Ecotravellers Finland will help you either you are travelling to Finland for the first time or just looking for something special. Our clients are individuals and groups from all over the world.


Finland is one of the best places on Earth to spot the Northern Lights. They appear on more than 200 nights a year in Finnish Lapland.

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There are 3,3 million saunas in Finland and Tampere is The Sauna Capital of The World. Finland is the water richest country in the world. Finland has the cleanest air in the world. Finland is also the most forested land in Europe. Travelling in Finland with public transportation is very easy and safe. For many people everyday life is getting busier and noisier. Finland offers the chance to escape noise. This is a new trend that is getting more and more popular.

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We are happy to help with tailoring the holiday for you. We will help you find the authentic experiences fitting your travel budget.

We work together with Greenescape Ltd.

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Our most popular tour:

Ecotravellers Finland provides a fairytale Christmas in Lapland. This is a one-week trip to Santa Claus’s homeland, perfect for a family looking to celebrate a magical Christmas. During this time, travellers will visit Santa Claus Village and the secret underground cave of elves, try husky safari, ride snowmobiles and reindeer sleds. They will also visit Helsinki and learn more about Finnish culture and architecture. This is a completely eco-friendly adventure that will bring a lot of positive emotions for Christmas.

“I cannot praise Maria enough for her professionalism and her patience in answering all the questions.” Roberta

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A woman watching the northern lights in the snow.
Wintery view from the top of a fjell.


All our destinations are sustainable. We only work with responsible partners.

We take animal welfare seriously. The first Finnish set of criteria for assessing the welfare of sled dogs in tourism companies has been published as part of the Finnish Green Activities ecolabel. The goal is to award the first certificates during Autumn 2021.

There are more reindeer than people living in Lapland. The majority of reindeer roam in the Arctic wilderness. Only about 0.3% of the total are used for tourism purposes.

Animal welfare in Lapland

Itineraries are tailor-made for all our customers. Normally our customers are families, couples and small groups that travel to Finland for 1 – 2 weeks.


Ecotravellers Finland is an endangered animal conservation company that organizes sustainable tourism travel. There are seven directions that tourists can go from Asia to Europe. They all have different tasks and are engaged in the protection of different animals. However, in general they are all dedicated to nature conservation and ecotourism.

As volunteers, travelers participate in conservation missions and rescue animals. The company takes care of many animals such as turtles, elephants, dolphins, and monk seals. Thanks to the volunteers many animals have already been rescued.

The company shows that caring for nature and ecotourism in a sustainable manner are viable alternatives to mass tourism and potential sources of income for them in the future. Volunteers not only take care of the sights and destinations, but also support local residents in various ways. For example, they help manage their store, clean the beaches, and have fun together and the like.

It is worth mentioning that when choosing partners, it is important for Ekomatkaajat that animals are respected and that their natural habitat and functioning are not affected in any way.

Protecting endangered animals and caring for nature is very important work. Ecotravellers Finland is trying its best to develop sustainable tourism.

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Maria Ojajärvi

The owner of the company, Maria Ojajärvi, is a member of the Sustainable Tourism Committee / Finnish Tourism Industry Association (SMAL) since 2019. She is also working for a family run travel agency for over 20 years. Before this she served clients at the Nokia Convention Center.