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Ecotravellers Finland will help you either you are travelling to Finland for the first time or just looking for something special. Our clients are individuals and groups from all over the world.

We also sell >> floating igloos globally. Check out the latest reviews and pictures of the year round accommodation >> floating igloo!


Finland is one of the best places on Earth to spot the Northern Lights. They appear on more than 200 nights a year in Finnish Lapland.

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There are 3,3 million saunas in Finland and Tampere is The Sauna Capital of The World. Finland is the water richest country in the world. Finland has the cleanest air in the world. Finland is also the most forested land in Europe. Travelling in Finland with public transportation is very easy and safe. For many people everyday life is getting busier and noisier. Finland offers the chance to escape noise. >> Enjoy the silence in Finland! This is a new trend that is getting more and more popular.

Choose Ecotravellers Finland and vote for sustainable and better future!

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Our collection of unique ecological accommodation and activities in the nature give you unforgettable moments in Finland. When you >> make a purchace in our webshop you vote for sustainable and better future.

Helsinki – Savonlinna – Helsinki 9. – 11.7.2021.

On Reissujuna’s journeys, the trip is more important than the destination. You get to enjoy the ride of a steam locomotive and a variety of side programs rarely seen on rails. Ecological option for train lovers! Please mention “EKOMATKAAJA” when making the booking and you´ll vote for sustainable and better future.

Late summer field and gastronomy tour for sustainable development 13.8.2021.

Spend an unforgettable day with sustainable development. Learn wild herbs during the field tour. Work at the field at Green City Farm in Malmi, Helsinki. Learn about recycling. Lunch at Restaurant Perho. Tour at the Perho’s Brewery & tasting a Perho’s herbal beer. Learn from professionals and learn by doing – and have fun!


For individual customers we offer unique ecological accommodation in Finland.

Above are examples of accommodations that are sold through Ecotravellers Finland. Most of these destinations you can reach by puclic transportation which is very fluent in Finland. Our collection of unique ecological accommodation give you unforgettable moments in Finland. When you >> make a purchace in our webshop you vote for sustainable and better future.

Helsinki Biennial is an international art event. It will bring outstanding contemporary art to maritime Helsinki. The first Helsinki Biennial will be held in the unique surroundings of Vallisaari Island 12.6.–26.9.2021.

Book a Tentsile Experience in Vallisaari for June – September 2021.

In wintertime you have the option to stay in an AuroraHut glass igloo which is located in Sipoo.

Book accommodation in an AuroraHut in Sipoo.

Please mention “Ekomatkaajat” when making the booking and you´ll vote for sustainable and better future.

Glamping in fully furnished Dome tent with a double bed – yes please! FinnDome is located in an old quarry. You can relax in the middle of the forest only five minutes’ drive from the city center of Pori. Price includes accommodation and your own sauna turn next to the sandy beach.

Book a night in a glamping tent in Pori.

Please mention “Ekomatkaajat” when making the booking and you´ll vote for sustainable and better future.

Don´t you feel like travelling? Order superfood from Lapland!


Looking for tailor-made trips for small groups or families? Looking for something really special? We are happy to help with tailoring the holiday for any small groups through travel agencies. Please contact your own travel agency in order to get started! We will help you find the authentic experiences fitting your travel budget. Ecotravellers Finland will also make sure you will get help around the clock if needed.

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Bookings for packages are made through travel agencies only. Terms of agreement are sent to the travel agency.

5 nights in eastern part of Finland – Tohmajärvi.

Option to stay only 2 nights

Price includes accommodation in wooden cottages, breakfast and evening meals, transfers from and to the
Kitee railway station and all activities mentioned in the program. This is a lovely and peaceful place for any nature lovers who enjoy swimming, saunas and good food.

Travelling off the beaten path.

Experience a moment quiet enough to reconnect with nature on a deeper level – both
the nature around and the nature within you. Price includes 2-4 nights accommodation, organic food, healthy snacks and one group immersive Sound Journey. Offer valid from 1 April until 31 October 2021. Minimum booking 1 person. Maximum booking 14 people.

8 nights tour in Finland

One of our favorites is >> this tour which is available year round for minimum 2 person. This tour has everything – don´t miss this when travelling to Finland. During this tour you will be going around Finland in 8 nights. Cities: Porvoo, Valtimo, Paltamo, Hankasalmi, Tampere and Espoo.

Tour in Lapland – Sodankylä and Ivalo

Two totally different cities and activities. >> This amazing tour gives you a combination of making snow quinzee yourself, sleeping in a snow quinzee for a night and sleeping in a glass igloo for 3 nights. Minimum 5 nights.

Lapland – Rovaniemi and areas nearby

>> This package includes accommodation in Santa Claus Holiday Village and in a nearby accommodation, special sauna made of ice and huskies.


This is Ecotravellers Finland.

Ecotravellers Finland, established 2017, is a company specialised in sustainable tourism in Finland and abroad. We have chosen ecological accommodations around Finland for our individual and group customers. Ecotravellers Finland is a private company. The owner, Maria Ojajärvi is a member of responsible tourism committee / The Association of Finnish Travel Industry (SMAL) since 2019. Her background is in a family run travel agency for 20 years and customer service in Nokia Conference Center.

Core values of Ecotravellers Finland are protecting endangered animals and nature, responsible travelling and responsible partners.

We reduce our impact on nature, recycle and reuse all we can and support zero waste thinking. Maria is also one of the founders of Zero Waste Finland organization 2018. The Federation of Finnish Enterprises was an important part of Marias life in 2005 – 2012. HYNY for entrepreneurs less than 35 years of age was founded in 2006 all because of Maria and for the first 7 years Maria was the president of this network. HYNY operates under The Regional Organisation of Enterprises in Helsinki.

By taking the Sustainable Finland Pledge 26.8.2019 we have promised to respect and treasure the Finnish nature, its inhabitants and culture. Sustainable Finland-pledge.

Helsinki Declaration 2.0 is the travel industry’s commitment to sustainable travel. We have signed the pledge 16.1.2020.

Maria was invited as a guest speaker to an international event. >> Speech about travelling and wellness.