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What is normal in Finland that is strange in other countries?

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What is normal in Finland that is strange in other countries?

Last time I talked about things that tourists should know before coming to Finland. This time I will touch on the topic of differences in cultures using the example of Finland.

There are many different cultures and traditions in the world. Each country is unique and has its own characteristics. It must be remembered that some things are normal in one country, while in another they are strange and unacceptable.

So is Finland. This large country has its own culture and traditions that can surprise the tourists who come here. Read this article to avoid culture shock in Finland.

Things that are normal in Finland, but strange in other countries.

Greeting differ from country to country. So in Asian countries, people bow to each other when they meet as a sign of respect. However, in Finland, when people meet, they can just say hello, shake hands, hug and even kiss on the cheek. It all depends on the level of closeness of the relationship.

In many countries it is normal to come later than originally planned. For example, Venezuelans or Italians enjoy a relaxed pace, so it is difficult for them to get used to the Finnish lifestyle. However, Finns are pretty punctual, they do not like being late. Therefore, it is worth remembering this when traveling to this country.

Finns are quite straightforward people and the main thing for them is to get the message across. Therefore, in serious conversations, they will immediately start with the main thing. For example, in business dealings in many countries, negative feedback is often accompanied by several positive ones. However, in Finland it is different, here people will immediately say what the problem is and what should be fixed. The main thing is not to confuse this with rudeness, since the Finns do not want to offend anyone, it is just normal here.

In some Asian countries, it is normal to slurp while eating. This is an indicator of delicious food and so people show that they liked a dish. However, things are different in Finland. Finnish children are taught to eat quietly, as it is considered etiquette behavior.

When visiting a Finn.

If a Finn has invited you to his/her home, for example, for dinner, then it would be good to thank him/her at the end of the evening. However, in many regions of India this is considered indecent. Good to know about that and refers to each other with understanding.

In many European countries, it is customary to take off shoes when entering a house.  Same in Finland, people are very careful about the cleanliness of their houses and take off their shoes before entering the house. Tourists should be aware of this before going to visit a Finn.

Sauna is a big part of Finnish culture, serving not only for wellness, but also a place for discussing business or even political issues. In the local business world, it is normal for colleagues or business partners to go to the sauna together and negotiate in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, this does not happen all the time, but it is useful to learn.


It is necessary to be able to adapt to the environment and the new society in order to communicate effectively with representatives of different cultures. To do this, people do not need to be afraid to change their way of thinking and be able to put up with the inevitable inconveniences.

As a result, learning new things always brings a lot of positive emotions. And that’s why traveling to new countries is so exciting and delightful.